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Studio Organization

  • Keep all in one room
  • Foster an open, informal communication
  • Minimize hierarchy
  • Emphasize horizontal structure

Human organizations can find themselves anywhere on a continuum between fully alive, and dead-as-a-door-nail. We feel that the ultimate vibrancy of our studio life depends on how well wholeness is manifested in every aspect of our practice. For instance, all of us are virtually in one room. We have intentionally dissolved the physical boundaries normally separating people. We hear each other, share laughs as well as ideas, console one another and learn by osmosis. As employees, we are not separated in large degrees by our respective salaries. We share responsibility for how the studio operates economically, conduct our business with near transparency and share in the profits when they are available. Ideas can come from anywhere and are not the province of the co-founders. We operate managerially in a horizontal fashion, where almost everyone in the studio can either be a project manager or a draftsman. Individual talent, drive and initiative are empowered and fostered. Major studio course corrections are always considered by the studio as a whole.