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14Inner Calm

Living things tend to have a special simplicity, an economy developed over time in which all things unnecessary, or not supporting the whole, are removed. This does not preclude ornament, as even in nature ornament has its very necessary place. What simplicity does is cut away the meaningless attachments to an element, the things which often distract and confuse its true nature. When this is done, an object is in a state of inner calm.

  • Barn Northern California
  • Simple Chapel Italy
  • Shaker Cabinet U.S.A.
  • Levels of Scale
  • Strong Centers
  • Boundaries
  • Alternating Repetition
  • Positive Space
  • Good Shape
  • Local Symmetries
  • Deep Interlock
  • Contrast
  • Graded Variation
  • Roughness
  • Echoes
  • The Void
  • Inner Calm
  • Not-