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6Good Shape

Shape is the principal identifying characteristic of form, resulting from the specific configuration of a form’s surfaces and edges. Good shape happens when the surfaces and edges of a form have strong centers in every part of themselves.

A good shape, even if complex, can usually be broken down easily into more simple shapes. A good shape tends to contain a high degree of internal symmetries, an overall bilateral symmetry, and a well-marked center. The good shape also creates positive space around it, is very strongly distinct from what surrounds it, and has a feeling of being closed and complete.

  • SHAPES IN PATTERN Mosque in Cordoba, Spain
  • URBAN ARCHWAY Florence, Italy
  • Levels of Scale
  • Strong Centers
  • Boundaries
  • Alternating Repetition
  • Positive Space
  • Good Shape
  • Local Symmetries
  • Deep Interlock
  • Contrast
  • Graded Variation
  • Roughness
  • Echoes
  • The Void
  • Inner Calm
  • Not-