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Apply 95 Goats And Call Me In The Morning

The Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is using an ingenious method to control invasive species on the property: prescribed grazing, or literally, setting 95 goats loose on the property to eat everything in sight. The goats work for Vegetation Solutions, LLC and they travel the region performing this valuable service. Contained to treatment areas by a […]

Earth Day 2011

Food For Thought As we celebrate Earth Day 2011, we encourage you to stop for a moment to think about the food you eat. Where does it come from? What are the consequences of our food choices? Modern industrial farming practices have long been credited with providing cheap, abundant food to the world. But at […]

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First Unitarian Society named one of the AIA Top Ten Green Projects for 2011

The American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment announced its 2011 Top Ten Green Projects today, and we are honored that our First Unitarian Society Meeting House Addition made the list. The 20,000 square foot Meeting House is approximately 40% more efficient than a comparable base-case facility, and the building design features extensive use […]

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Growing Food From The Ground Up

It’s not so common these days to hear that what we need is more labor — humble manual labor and human intellectual labor — rather than more technology. It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture of progress, the one that fosters ever bigger, shinier and more automated systems to keep up with […]


Igniting The Green Fire

Whether you know the story of Aldo Leopold or not, it’s very likely that at one point in your life or another — especially if you’re from Wisconsin — you’ve heard his name. Perhaps you’ve even read one of his books. If neither, then the film “Green Fire: Aldo Leopold & a Legacy for Our […]


Sustainability Starts in the Restrooms

The Madison Children’s Museum doesn’t let an opportunity to educate its visitors go to waste – even the restrooms actively involve kids in learning about the building’s sustainable elements. The museum’s “Green Tour” scavenger hunt highlights energy-efficient features throughout the building, and the restrooms are no exception. Photovoltaic cells are integrated into the top of […]

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