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January 4, 2013

Plymouth Church: Building A More Welcoming Future

Making the lower level accessible from the sidewalk will also help create a new outdoor gathering space at Plymouth Church. A new light-filled conference/study room will project activity to the street.

Plymouth United Church of Christ of Milwaukee is a progressive Christian community with a mission of joyful welcome and inclusiveness. Located on Milwaukee’s upper east side near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, the congregation is the heir and custodian to a magnificent 1913 Alexander Eschweiler-designed church. Despite the elegance and beauty of their historic church, the congregation struggled with a realization that the physical space they occupied did not fully support or communicate their social and spiritual aspirations.

In response, the congregation began a multi-year effort called the REACH project: “Renovate, Enhance, and Make Accessible Our Church Home”. TKWA was hired to develop a master plan for renovation with two overall goals: For the exterior, express a contemporary vigor grounded in historic sensitivity, while providing a fresh sense of welcome, energy, and forward vision. For the interior, resolve a complex assembly of spaces that diminish the congregation’s effectiveness as a spiritual community.

Reconfiguration of existing stairwells will allow creation of a new central stair that improves circulation and offers improved visual and acoustic connections between floors. A new elevator will improve accessibility.

An existing maze of interior stairwells and circulation spaces is being reconfigured to improve clarity of wayfinding and to provide greater access to daylight.

The Plymouth Church renovation will provide a larger, more gracious interior central gathering space. Circulation between the gathering space and sanctuary will be improved to reduce congestion.
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One Response to Plymouth Church: Building A More Welcoming Future

  1. Passei says:

    I go to this church and it’s the best! I love the idea of being able to ask a queositn that maybe you don’t want to have anyone else hear you ask! Many times I have heard a queositn and thought to myself I was wondering that also This is a great church and the Pastors are wonderful! I was born and raised Jewish and they have been wonderful helping me learn about Christianity and are understanding at how hard it is to cross from another faith. They are very warm and never push me. I can’t say enough good things about them and the modern things like this that they do helps people learn and grow in a way they are comfortable with.

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